Friday, 29 July 2011

Pictures to be MIA

till I get my bb/cam which will be....
sometime soon (:

For now, please enjoy these crappy cellphone pics :

(these were taken a few months ago, and yes, I do realise that a few of the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with makeup/clothes/shopping at all.... eheh....yeaaaa....moving on)

this sophisticated looking apple juice was one of the first beverages I had when I landed in Paris [:

aahh, memories *u*

I forgot to mention that, as well as being a makeup/clothes junkie,  I am (and I'm not proud) a food junkie as well. smh.

This is exactly as it looks; a hot dog..... in a BAGUETTE! (now tell me thats not the coolest thing you've ever seen...)

This was DELICIOUS, I got it at one of the little vendors right below the eiffel tower, holy, never again will you find something that delicious.

Yay! finally she posts some makeup shots, ehehh...

This turned out to be one of my favorite powders of all time. I'm not just saying that because it's Hello Kitty....

(okaay fine, maybe that did add to the appeal, and was the whole main reason I got it buut.... still!
How could you resist that face?? Baaah, I die a little more each time I look at it)

I was so sad when it broke into a million little pieces in the bottom of my bag ): I had no way of getting another one either, because I was already back in Toronto! >.<

... Baaah,

ohwell ):

R.I.P. Hello Kitty Pressed Powder

You were loved and will be missed dearly )':

First Post ! (: [Getting Started]

Shopaholic Haven  came into existence because of one girls love for


I'm sure this is not uncommon; a teenage girl likes shopping, okay, whats new?
Nononono, you got it all wrong, not "like" ,&yes, not even the cliche "love";

more like obsessed.

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to me, (which makes me secretly giddy) : Shopping is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle, a pure, raw love for makeup, clothes, and everything in between.

Shopaholic Haven is exactly what it sounds like; a getaway, a home away from home of sorts, for all the shopping junkies out there.

This blog is for them (;